How to Know Domain Age of any Website

In case you are buying an existing domain from your friend or any other source then you must try to check out the age of that domain because there must expiry date reason for selling that domain by the owner. You can check this in very easy steps by going to this online tool. You can use this tool to find domain age of any registered domain.

This unique tool can show you the date of domain creation in seconds. Domain age is the most important factor which is responsible for website ranking in search engines. Now go ahead and try this tool for free, below you can find easy steps to use:


Simply enter your domain name without including www and hit the submit button
Now you can see that there is domain creation date with approx domain age just under it. With this results you can calculate the domain expiry date easily and go for buying that domain. Hope you liked this simple but useful tutorial to check domain age online.

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